Thursday, June 11, 2009

Java Loader Completion

If you are using java loader (from and want to have its completion and resolving in idea than this post is for you =)

Example of using:

paths = [];
paths[1] = '/home/user/webapps/app/lib/MyJar.jar';
loader = createObject('component','javaloader.JavaLoader').init(paths);
myJavaObject = loader.create('');

The main goal is to have completion in create method and to have completion on methods of created object (myJavaObject).

So you need to declare your java loader in comment in such way:

You may specify as many jar files, as you wish

Than you need to add all your jar files to class path. Go to ProjectStructure/JDKs/Classpath and add them.

And at last you need to add coldfusion facet to your module and specify the Web root directory. So all jar which are mentioned in comments will be prefixed with web root path.

Enjoy! =)

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billy said...

Very nice!!

I think you might have to html encode the comment syntax so it renders correctly on the page.

<!---@javaloader name="loader" jarPath="/home/webapps/myapp/lib/" --->